Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello! I'm new!

Hey all, I'm Allison. I'm 22, I hail from Central New York, and I am the newest buddie maker! I have been battling an ED for 6-7 years now and I am diving into recovery head first! It's been a long road but I finally have hope that I can overcome this and live life without my eating disorder. I have been in college since fall of 2004 and still have no degree. I have changed my major three times, soon to be four. I'm currently taking time off from school to take care of myself and have no idea what I want to do with myself or what major I'm going to pick up when I return. I enjoy reading, playing piano, singing, listening to music, being with friends, meeting new people, and, of course, knitting. I hate snow. And my favorite color is pink. I am a little bit obsessed with it....

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Christine said...


I really appreciate what you all are doing. It's a very noble cause.

And don't worry about the school thing. I've been in since fall '05, changed my major 4 times, and will still be in college 2 years from now. At the very least.

It's not a race, just take care of you *hugs*

Again, thank you all for the support you're offering.