Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some news type stuff.

I just have a couple news items on the agenda to discuss.

1. The one year anniversary for recovery buddies passed a couple weeks ago(Aug 22nd). So in honor of that we would like to send a notebook around to interested parties for people to write it, tell their recovery stories, give words of wisdom, and of hope. There will be some rules for this notebook. So if you are interested watch for a blog post about it in the next week or so- or shoot us an email with " recovery notebook" as the subject.

2. We now require consent form for minors to receive buddies. The consent form actually just gives you(minors) permission to give us(the team) your contact form. All minors who haven't received buddies yet will have to submit a signed form. If you need one, and have not been emailed one yet please email us.

3. Due to mailing issues, if you are sending a box of donation buddies, we strongly recommend that you add a tracking number so Allie can confirm delivery. If you want information on how to send us donation buddies, feel free to email us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Meet Karl! Karl is very generous and great at giving advice. He loves playing checkers and is pretty good at it, too. Karl hates square dancing but secretly thinks dancing to polka music is kinda cool. He is a very good cook and makes a mean green bean casserole.


Say hello to Mary! Mary is smart and sophisticated. She loves children and is good at telling stories. Mary is very helpful and loyal and is great at encouraging and comforting others. She likes to dance and wants to be a hula-hoop champion!


Meet Valencia! Valencia is a hard worker and very determined. She has a great sense of humor and is very compassionate. Val's favorite color is purple and she loves to garden. She also loves traveling and really wants to see Niagra Falls.