Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sponsor a Buddie(s)

Want to help out with Recovery Buddies but don't know how? How about sponsoring a buddie?

For $5 you can cover the cost of yarn and shipping for one buddy. You will be helping someone in recovery in a real, huggable, way :)

What do you get for sponsoring a buddy? You can name the buddy, choose colors, and even write a encouragement note to send with the buddy.

Who can Sponsor? Anyone!

How can I sponsor buddy? Just click the donate button on the side bar. in the comments include the name, colors, and any note you would like to send.



Note: The price for sponsoring a buddy may rise with postage.


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to do this once I get paid again! You guys are doing an amazing job <3.

-Brittany Ray

Andrea said...

Thanks for your amazing work! I'm happy and honoured to be able to support your wonderful project with the profits of my book, You Are Not Alone Volume 2 (with Companion CD) filled with recovery stories, poems, artwork and songs. Recovery really IS possible!

Sara Mizzi said...

You are doing an incredible job! I'll definitely be donating as soon as my next paycheque comes in!