Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just wanted to introduce myself :)

Hey Everybody!! My name is Mary and I am a new knitter for the buddies!! I just wanted to say "hi!" and let you all know who I am and see my face!  I am very excited to start knitting and just went out this morning and got my supplies all ready today!! I will give you all a little background about me, I am currently 25 years old, from VA.  I have my bachelor's degree in Psych and I am hoping to start my Master's in Art Therapy sometime soon :)  I am in recovery from and Eating Disorder, mainly Anorexia, and was diagnosed at age 17.  I want you all to know that there is hope!!  My greatest wish is that through the buddies I can help someone who is suffering, and bring a smile to their face!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet Claire!

Claire loves nature and being in nature. She loves the spring when everything is in bloom and full of life. Her favorite flower is a tulip.

Claire would love to do extreme things like rock climb. She is very brave and loves to try something that others might see as scary. She even things that parachuting might be fun.

Even though Claire seems really brave, she is scared of spiders. She wouldn't tell you this though. She wants to appear fearless.

She can't wait to meet you!


I'd like you to meet Liz!

Liz loves to go shopping. Even if she doesn't buy anything, she loves spending a day in the mall.

Liz loves peanut butter. A lot. She will just eat it by the spoon if you let her. Silly girl.

Liz really loves action movies. Her favorite is the Matrix trilogy. She asked me if you would watch those with her, but I told her that she would just have to wait and ask you when she gets there. She said that it's ok if you don't want to. She just really wants to spend time with you.

Watch out though, cause she can be a bit of a prankster. She though it was really funny to switch my salt and sugar out the other day.

Meet Ruth!

I'd like you to meet Ruth!

Ruth, or Ruthie, loves all things that glitter. She likes to play dress up and pretend that she is a princess. However, she tells me that she doesn't need a prince to come rescue he from the dragon, she says that she can slay the dragon herself.

Ruthie loves to color. She told me she is hoping that you will like to color too. She wants to color a picture with you when she get there. She is bringing you one to color with her. :).

Ruthie loves to cuddle so give her lots of cuddles for me. And she is afraid of the dark, so be sure to hold her at night so she doesn't get to scared.


Meet Edwin!

Edwin is a real sweetheart, and cares deeply about his friends.

Edwin has problems with procrastinating. He always waits until the very last possible moment to do things. But he always gets things done in the end.

Edwin loves caffeine a little to much. He is slightly addicted to it. But he tends to rely on it when he procrastinates and has to pull all-nighters to get things done. Maybe you can help in break his addiction. You might want to start limiting his caffeine.

Edwin really loves his friends. Love him lots in return!


I'd like you to meet Chad!

Chad loves music. He wants to learn to play the guitar. But he doesn't really want to put in the time to practice it. But he loves to listen to music. His favorite band is Switchfoot.

Chad really loves peanut butter banana sandwiches. They are his favorite food.

Chad likes the winter and the snow. He is crazy in my opinion. But he likes the snow, and building snow forts.


Meet Moriah!

Moriah loves to watch old Disney movies, epically ones about princesses. Her favorite is Sleeping Beauty. She one day watched it 4 times, and probably would have watched it again if I didn't hide it from her! She is just silly :).

Moriah is very scared of worms. She wouldn't like that I've told you this though, because she tries to pretend that she isn't scared of anything.

She is very excited to meet you, she is hoping that you will watch a Disney movie together we she gets to you. I told her that you might not even like Disney movies, she said that was OK as long as you don't make fun of her for liking it. I think she would just be happy to spend time with you no matter what the two of you do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Ginny

Ginny wants to be a rock star when she grows up. She wants to learn the saxophone and be in a ska band. She thinks that she can bring back the ska movement. She loves to listen to the OC Supertones.

Ginny loves to do crafty things too. She likes activities that let her express her unique self.

Ginny is so excited to meet you Catie! take good care of her for me!