Monday, September 27, 2010

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meet Jacinta!

Jacinta is very sweet and caring, and she takes things very seriously when given an important task to do. However, she can be a bit of a smart aleck and sometimes likes to see if there are any shortcuts to take. Jacinta is very playful and energetic and hates going to bed on time. There's always something to do! She loves to paint, draw, color, read, tell knock-knock jokes (although they usually don't make much sense), run in circles, write silly songs...the list is endless! But if you sing her a lullaby, she will fall fast asleep!

Meet Emilia!

Emilia loves the outdoors and is very playful. She is also very sensitive and wise and can be quite determined when she puts her mind to it. Emilia likes playing with hula-hoops and jump ropes. Her favorite month is August. One of Emilia's favorite things to do when she needs to relax is to lie on the grass outside and look at the clouds.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Nina loves algebra; she says that doing an algebra problem to her is like trying to solve a complicated puzzle. She thinks that it is fun.

Nina really likes puzzles. She could spend hours working on them.

Nina really loves ice cream. She will eat too much of it if you let her.

Nina is scared of being alone so take extra good care of her for me!


Say hello to Bridgette!

Bridgette loves to travel. It is her dream to one day travel the world. She thinks other people and cultures are fascinating.

Bridgette is not afraid of anything. Sometimes that isn’t a good thing, as she doesn’t always think things through.

She loves to jump rope. She is pretty good at it.


Meet Iesha!

Iesha is very shy and reserved until you get to know her. So don’t take it personal if she doesn’t say much when she first meets you.

Iesha loves salsa music. That doesn’t mean she likes to dance, but she loves the music.

She has a big heart and really loves her friends deeply.


Meet Carmin!

Carmin loves to shop, even if she does not get to buy anything. She would love to spend all day at the mall.

Carmin’s favorite game is Bananagrams, and she is very completive. She is always the one that makes sure everyone is follows all the rules.

Carmin loves music, especially classical music. She would love to go see an orchestra concert.


Meet Tina!

Tina really likes big cities and lots of people, but she would not want to live there. She would love to live on the outskirts of a big city that she can visit any time she wants. She thinks riding the subway would be a lot of fun.

Tina hates water. She thinks that it tastes gross. She would much rather drink coffee. You’ll need to make sure she drinks enough water.

Tina also has a love of shoes. She could spend all day in the shoe store. It might be a good idea to just avoid the shoe department completely if you go shopping with her.


Skyler loves glitter and all things that sparkle. She loves to do crafts if she can add glitter to the project... just don't let her do that on her own because they last time I did she made a mess. She and it all over herself and the floor. She still has it all over her in this picture.

Skyler is not a Twilight fan though. She doesn't think vampires should sparkle. (I teased her about this when I saw she had glitter all over her and she didn't find it at all funny)

Skyler really likes Mac and Cheese. I think it might partly have to do with it being orange, she really likes that color.


Say hello to Leah!

Leah loves to play board games. She is very competitive when she plays them. Her favorite is scrabble.

Leah wants to be a librarian when she grows up. She loves the library and thinks it would be awesome to work there everyday.

Leah doesn't like chocolate. She thinks it is gross.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Marcie thinks penguins are awesome, and she would love to study them in Antarctica. But she doesn't like snow.

Marcie really loves Ensure. She thinks that it tastes yummy. Her favorite is the mixed berry flavor.

Marcie wants to go to school to be a veterinarian. She loves animals.


Meet Lexi!

Lexi's favorite movie is Finding Nemo. She can quote almost every line of the movie. She will watch it every day if you let her.

Lexi likes to scrapbook. She likes to do anything where she can create.

She also really can't stand being cold. She hates winter, so if she starts to get cold cuddle her a little extra!


Kayla loves to go to school. She loves school so much that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. She loves getting to learn new things.

Kayla thinks that play-doh is the best thing ever. She loves playing with it and could spend hours with it. But she doesn't always understand that she shouldn't mix the colors because they won't come back apart.

She also really loves playing with bubbles. She and I love to have contests to see who can blow the bigger bubble.


Meet Fern!

Fern is a bit of a girly girl and loves to wear bows in her hair. She loves to get all dressed up even if she isn't going anywhere. She would love to have a tea party with you as she loves tea.

Fern likes to be outside in her garden. She loves the feeling of dirt in her hands as she plants new things. It's relaxing for her, and rewarding to watch the new life she planted grow into something beautiful. Her garden isn't always perfectly kept however; she finds beauty in the mess.


Peter really loves movies. His favorite is The Matrix. He would tell you that he hates chick flicks... but I've caught him watching a few. I think he secretly loves them.

Peter likes music. He wants to learn to play the guitar.

His favorite food is spinach, but he doesn't find Popeye all that funny. I don't understand this.

Take good care of him for me!


Sally likes to be outside. She would love to do camping and hiking trips. She loves nature. but she doesn't much care for bugs. I've told her this is a bit strange because you just have to expect bugs on camping trips.

Sally has a great sense of humor and is a bit of a prankster, so you might want to keep an eye on her!

But Sally loves with her whole heart. She is very loyal to her friends.


Meet Audrey!

Audrey loves books. She loves to read, but would much rather be read to. She loves Dr Seuss books. Her favorite book is “Oh the Places You Will Go” by Dr Seuss.

Audrey really likes the color blue

Audrey shouldn’t drink any caffeine. She really loves tea, but if she drinks it make sure that it is caffeine free. She will be up for day and be very hyper if you let her have any caffeine. So watch out for that!

She is so excited for the trip to meet you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Meet Hailey!

Hailey loves bright colors, especially orange. Bright colors make her happy.

She loves to bake and cook yummy food for her friends. Her favorite thing to make are chocolate chip cookies. She really loves chocolate anything though.

Hailey loves to watch old movies. Her favorite is Gone With the Wind. She can quote it line for line.

Take good care of her for me Sara! Oh, and she is afraid of the dark... So you will want to hold her extra tight at night.


Josh loves to make other people laugh. He doesn't mind making himself look like a fool if it will make someone else smile.

Josh has a very kind and warm heart even if he doesn't always show it.

He loves trying to figure out the mechanics of how things work. He is very smart but he doesn't always see that in himself.

He also loves to cook, but he might leave you a mess if you let him cook for you!

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Meet LeAnne!

LeAnne loves the winter. I personally don't understand this. But she tells me that its because she gets to wear scarves and play in the snow. She loves a cold day so she can curl up with a mug of hot tea.

LeAnne likes to cuddle. She loves to be held.

She can't wait to meet you.


Elisa likes to create. She loves art and being able to express herself through it. She really loves painting. I let her paint once and oh what a mess she made! so if you decide to let her paint, make sure she cleans up after herself!

Elisa loves root beer floats. But even a little sugar makes her really hyper! So only let her have it in moderation!

Elisa loves to color. She is insisting that I let her bring along her favorite coloring page for the both of you to color together. She is so excited to meet you!

Meet Andrew!

I'd like for you to meet Andrew!

Andrew loves to be outdoors in nature. He even likes the bugs! He would love to so some extreme sports like rock climbing and snow boarding if you'd let him. He feels like life should be lived to the fullest and no day should be wasted.

Andrew likes to appear that he is tough and not scared of anything, but truth be told he is a big softy. He just is scared to let people in enough to see that about him when they first meet him.

Meet Rosie!

I'd like for you to meet Rosie!

She loves to spend time in her garden planting beautiful flowers. She enjoys picking fragrant bouquets to give to friends and family. She always wears flowers in her hair too!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Bailey!!

Meet Bailey!  Bailey is a bright, loveable, easy-going girl.  She loves berries, especially red raspberries.  She loves to be outside and her favorite thing to do is watch sunsets.  She is extremely loyal and will stick by your side.  She loves to smile and laugh.  She is a snuggler and loves to snuggle up with you and watch movies, her favorites are Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Vincent!

Vincent is a cheerful little soul and really likes to help others. He is very chipper and tends to get a bit hyper, so keep him away from the sugar or he'll be bouncing off the walls (although this can be highly amusing). Vincent loves to dance and listen to all sorts of fun music.

Meet Pia Jolene!

Pia Jolene is very determined and down to earth. She also has a great sense of humor and is very brave. Pia Jolene likes to meditate to calming music and beach sounds to help her de-stress. She thinks it would be really cool to fly an airplane some day.