Monday, December 6, 2010

Alright, so here is the deal…

Do you remember that we posted on the FB page a week or more ago that we would be having some promotional things coming up that we need your help with and to watch the blog for more information? Well here it is, the awaited blog with all the information.
We here at the Recovery Buddies Project are working on a few promotional projects. We have plans that we are very excited about that require us to have some promotional materials. For example, one is we are going to try to run for a Pepsi Refresh Grant in December.
We are trying to put together a brochure and a promotional video.
The video is a bit time sensitive, we are hoping to have it together so we can run for a Pepsi refresh grant in December. If you are going to send us things for it, please have it to us ASAP.
What it comes down to is this; we need to get our name out there. We want to be able to help more people and continue to help people, but right now we are lacking in funding and knitters/crocheters. We are hoping that some of the promotional projects we are doing will help.
However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We want you all to be included in these promotional projects. So here are a few things we need specifically, and I have broken it down into groups so hopefully everyone can find a way they can participate.
PLEASE NOTE: For anyone that sends us comments/video/pictures/ ect. Please tell us somewhere in the email that it is ok for us to use what you have sent us. Please also let us know if we can use your name (first name only), or if you would prefer for us to change it. Without these things, we will not be able to use your comments/photos/video clips.We would also appreciate if you would tell us what state you are from.
Have you received a buddie from us?
We would LOVE to hear from you. Comments are always welcome. We would love to hear what receiving a buddie meant to you. Or what your buddie means to you now as you are working on recovery. Any comments are welcome.
We would love it as well if you would be willing to send us photos of you and your buddie. These make our day. It makes it real to us to see the buddie with the person. Don’t feel comfortable sending us a photo with you in it? That’s ok too. Be creative! Maybe take a photo of your buddie at your favorite place or doing something you love (like at the park, the coffee shop, in your bedroom, surfing facebook, be creative with this!) We need lots of photos for this video. Seriously, overload our inbox with photos, we’d love it. We’d love to have so many photos that we won’t be able to use them all.
Also, and I know this one is asking a lot… For the video we would really like to have video clips of you talking about what you buddie means to you. Would anyone be willing to do this? Please email us and let us know!!
Have you sent us comments/photos before? PLEASE let us know if it is ok if we use these if you have not already. We need to know this.
Have you knitted/crocheted a buddie for us?
We would also love to hear from knitters and crocheters! Was it rewarding to make a buddie for us knowing you would be helping someone else? Please tell us about it!
Photos are welcome of you making the buddies, so are videos of you talking about why you make buddies.
Do you attend a knitting/crochet group? What about suggesting to your group a Knit-A-Long/Crochet-A-Long for the Recovery Buddies Project?
Are you on our waiting list?
We haven’t forgotten about you :)! We would like to hear from you why you think receiving a buddie will be helpful for your recovery.
Are you just a supporter? That is ok; we might have a possible job for you too!!
*Do you have skills in video editing and would be willing to donate your time to edit the video for us? We would provide you with all of the info, you would just compile it. Is there anyone up for this? Email us please.
*Would anyone be up for putting brochures in places where they would be seen by people that could use a buddie/people willing to make them for us? Like a “street team” of sorts, help us get our name out there and what we do. Ideas for places would be like mental health offices, yarn stores, ect.
*Are you a mental health professional that would be willing to put some brochures in your office (we might even send a buddie along as an example to sit in your office if you’d request it)? Please let us know through email, we are trying to get a general idea of where we could put these brochures and who we could give them to.
Thanks so much everyone!
Keep on rocking everyone!