Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those interested in knitting buddies for us:

To everyone who is knitting recovery buddies for us, thanks bunches. There are a few questions I'd like to address a few common questions we have gotten pertaining to donation buddies.

Do they have to be knitted?
No, they do not have to be knitted, however they do need to be made out of yarn. So they can be crocheted or woven.

I have noticed all of the knitted buddies are in stockinette stitch, do they have to be?

No, they do not! We tend to make them that way because it seems to be quickest, but if you would like to use another knit or crochet stitch pattern, that is OK too :).

Do I have to follow the pattern?
No, as long the donation buddies are a square with four limbs we can use them. However, please try not to make them much smaller than 8"x8"...they need to be big enough to cuddle. :)

Do you have a crochet pattern?

Not yet, Bethany doesn’t know how to write one! If you’d like to write one for us, we’d be thankful (and we’d be sure to credit you if you would like).

Can I add a hair bow, or buttons for eyes, or that sort of thing?
Yes you can. Feel free to embellish them and make them unique! Look around the blog and the photos on our facebook page for ideas on how they have been embellished before.

Can I give the buddie a name and story?
Yes! While it not required, we would love for you to name the buddie and give him or her a story.

Can I send along a note for the recipient?
We also love when you send along a note for the recipient, we'll be sure to pass these along! We want to make the recipient feel loved and a special note from you would be a great way to add to that :).

Where do I send them?
The current address is:
Recovery Buddies Project
c/o Bethany Mills
4107 S Adams St
Marion, IN 46953

Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns or comments or whatever.


Anonymous said...

do we need to stuff them... do we send them to you when they are done... is there a minimum size that seems to work best? I have been hankering to get back into crocheting - have the yarn and needles... now I have purpose :) Thanks and bless you for doing this.

Bethany said...

Stuffing them would be ideal, yes.

I've found that its best to make them no smaller than 8inches by 8inches.

And yes you would mail them to me. I cannot for privacy reasons give out addresses of anyone on our mailing list, but I can have you mail them to me and I'll forward them.

Recovery Buddies
706 E Crestview Dr
Marion, IN 46952

Great questions. thanks!!

paper*dolly said...

I can't knit but could I make them out of fabric for you?

Anonymous said...

are recycled fibers an option? ie yarn sweaters?

Allison said...

yes, absolutely. i have ripped more than one project to make a buddie!

Allison said...

paper*dolly--right now we are sticking to knitted and crocheted buddies.

Anonymous said...

I am sending 3 buddies is the add still the same?

freakishlyunknown said...

once you allow sewing buddies, I'll definitely be more then happy to help out. I do know how to crochet, but I can't crochet for very long because my fingers cramp up :/ Wish I could help

blossomgirl said...

I would also be more than willing to sew buddies. Can't knit or chrochet to save my life, but I know my way around the sewing machine! So just let me know if you do want sewed Buddies at any point.

barbara said...

I am part of a group on ravelry - someone suggested looking at your project. One of the questions we always ask is - is your organization a 501 (c)(3)?


Allison said...

No we are not. We do not yet have the money (I believe it is about $300) to do this. We will soon start fundraising for this purpose but I don't know how long it will take.

Recovery Buddies said...


The mailing address is

Recovery Buddies Project
c/o Bethany Mills
4107 S Adams St
Marion, IN 46953

This is a change from what it was.



Mackenzie said...

I'm a crotcheter, and I'll probably be able to work out some sort of patterny-type thing as I work. No promises, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany,

I am an educational assistant in Ontario Canada and some of the girls that I run a girls group for heard about your project. Our focus this year has been healthy minds and bodies and ways to give back to others. Since the girls found this project they have requested that this is what we should do. Some Knit and some crochet... Is this okay? we are hoping to send them out some time in April.


Recovery Buddies said...

We are always excited to have help. Please let us know if you have any questions. We also have a facebook page you may be interested in looking at.

Regina said...

Hi, just found your project from another group. I think this is a great idea.

I will check out fb as well.

Anonymous said...

Is there any restriction as to making the recovery buddies and donating them to a local charity or recovery facility on your own? Is any special permission from your organization required? Thank you so much for what you are doing. My son passed away on 911 last year to drug addiction. I would love so much to give comfort to others. This would be wonderful way to help. Knitting is a therapy for me helps me daily to deal with my loss. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

What colors of Buddies are most requested?

Holly said...

is there a specific type of yarn? I also noticed that some Buddies had I-cord limbs and some not, does it matter? and does the face have to be embroidered?

Laura Roberts said...
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Laura Roberts said...

I just came across this on my recovery instagram page. This is honestly the most wonderful idea I have ever come across! I am currently in hospital for depression, anxiety, self harm and an eating disorder and trying to find the road to recovery. Even before the onset of my illnesses have been devoted to helping other people. I have volunteered in a Papua New Guinea village and seen those sorts of hardships and now I would like to help people who are struggling through similar things as me. I am on track to study to become a dietician specialising in the treatment of eating disorders to hopefully one day help others in overcoming that battle. I also wish to write a book detailing my battles and how I came out of them (still a working progress but ill get there!). If I can inspire just one person to get the help they deserve, my job will be done. I realise I've rambled quite a bit, but I would just like to say how amazing and thoughtful this project is and I am so glad I came across it. I think I will request a buddy for myself, but since I also knit (wonderful way to pass the time in hospital, even though I'm only 18 haha), I was wondering if I could try knitting a couple of buddies to send to a couple of my friends struggling in recovery.. I would like to do it through this project so they can also become involved. Can I just knit, stuff and decorate them then send them to you with the addresses to forward them on? and once again.. thank you so much for this, I'm definitely going to make a point of staying involved with this!

Laura Roberts said...
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Anonymous said...

I just saw your story and pattern in Crochet! Magazine. Where do you find the 9" pillow forms? I have called every craft store chain in Utah and visited Walmart but nobody carries that size. This is a great work you are doing!

Cora Shaw said...

I just saw this in Crochet! magazine. Wish I had had one when going through treatment, was also grieving at the time the loss of my fiancé, best friend, and confident. Still miss him 24 yrs later although I am happily married.

I am still dealing with a lot of anxiety albeit for different reasons. I am in the end stages if renal failure...on dialysis...just trying to live. I plan on crocheting and knitting some of these. Some I will send to you but I would also like to send some to the first ranch to help children dealing sexual abuse. It's called the "Be Brave Ranch".

Anonymous said...

Hi I also am trying to crochet a buddy and am confused as to the patter. Can someone please enlighten me on this knit and purl stitch in crochet? HELP. Jodene

C said...

Are you still taking buddies? I'm a knitter! :)

Barbara Pratt said...

A crochet pattern is very simply.

Ch (as many stitches as needed to create the width of the Buddy)
Row 1: Sk the 1st stich. Either sc, dc or trc (this depends on how tight you want the pattern. Sc is the tightest form) across the chain. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2 to end, repeat row 1.

Make the basic shape twice as long as you want the Buddy to be. Fold the piece in half. Decorate with eyes, nose, hair, etc. Sew up two of the open sides. Stuff. Sew the final side. Sew on arms and legs.