Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tracy and Chloe

Chloe has arrived safely to meet her new friend Tracy!

Tracey sent us this photo of the two beautiful girls together.
take good care of her Tracey!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Sophie!

Meet Sophie!

If you can't tell, Sophie loves dance and ballet. She is very outgoing and loves to dance and proform for others. she loves to make others smile.

Sophie loves all things chocolate. She loves to bake and would love to bake chocolate chip cookies with you.

Sophie also loves glitter and things that sparkle. She is very crafty and creative.

She also has a very loving and kind heart. She can't wait to cuddle with her new friend.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Meet Ajani! his name is African and means "the one who wins the struggle"

Ajani is very friendly and caring. He would rather spend the night watching a movie with you than go out.

Ajani is very outgoing. But he is also ok with just spending the evening watching a movie with some popcorn

He also loves Chocolate Boost . I keep telling him that is a bit odd. He still loves it. If only i could get him to drink mine for me :P

Take good care of Him for me Brooks!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


What is this? The Recovery Buddies Project is a team of people from around the world who hand knits "recovery buddies" to help people through a variety of addictions and mental illnesses including eating disorders, self-injury as well as others. We strive to remind people that they are not alone in their addictions, and that they don't have to be alone in their recovery.

Who Is Bethany? Please see this post.

Wow, that is cool how do I get one? Please fill out the request form found at the top of every page :).

Who can receive one? Anyone in recovery from an addiction or mental illness.

I have a wool or other allergy to certain yarns/fibers, can you work around that? Yes, but please let us know!

I know someone that could use one, can I have you send one to him/her? Sure :). Just fill out the same info, and make sure it is ok with them.

Does it cost anything? Not at all!

All right, but I would like to donate can I do that? Sure :)! There is a donate button in the sidebar of the blog

Can I ask for certain colors? You can, but cannot promise we will follow it. We use what we have on hand. Color selection is very random.

Will you share my address with anyone else?
Absolutely not. The only people to see your personal information is the handpicked Recovery Buddies Team.

I'd like to join your team, can I do that?
At this time, no. However, you can always knit for us! For safety and privacy reasons we can not give out addresses to anyone other than member's of the Recovery Buddies Team. But you can always knit for us!

How do I knit for you then? Please see this post.

How can I contact the Recovery Buddies Team?
The best way to contact us is through email:

Phone: If you have a question for Bethany (ie, you are a group leader and you'd like for Bethany to come talk about The Recovery Buddies project at your group, or are part of the media and would like an interview, ect), you can call her at her Google Voice number.
(762) 333-2691

A Few Updates, and welcome to our new team members!

Wow this project has taken off and grown, and it is really exciting for me! A few updates.

I have a few new team members to welcome, so let me introduce them to you.

ALLIE - Allie has been my sidekick and a good friend of mine for years and is also a wonderful knitter. With this project shooting off like it has I've enlisted her to help me with the USA buddies. Allie is a freshman in college this year. It's a pleasure to welcome her to the team

SUSE - It's a joy to welcome Suse aboard too. Suse lives in the UK and will be in charge of knitting buddies for the UK. Suse has such a wonderful caring heart, I'm honored to have her as a friend.

CHARMAINE - Also, a big welcome to Charm! Charm is my crazy co-mod on the ED Support Group on Ravelry. Charm joins us as our Singapore partner. *waves* glad to have her here!

Now that I've got the welcomes out of the way, a few other pieces of news...

we now have 7 requests for buddies! I'm still in awe of this project taking off.

I'm going to try to build a freewebs site or something for this. I thought the blog would be enough but important posts get lost in the mess. So i might try and do that soon. I'll post the link here if I do build one.

Also I'm going to make a FAQs post to help clear up some of the questions I've been asked a lot. :)

We have a Facebook Group for those of you that don't know :).

I feel like I'm forgetting something but I think that is all for now.

With Love,

PS this photo is of my puppy, Bella. She wanted to cuddle with Belita too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Chloe!

She has a very bubbly personality and loves to meet new friend. She is the life of the party.

Chloe is a addicted to Chocolate Cupcakes, you'll have to watch her or she will eat to many.

Chloe can been very sneaky. She has an obsession with socks and will steal yours. so if you sock go missing, the dryer didn't steal them, Chloe did. she just loves how soft and warm they are.

she loves to cuddle up with you and and read a good book.

Take good care of her Tracey!


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Hi :)

My name is Allie, and I am Bethanys' best friend and all around side kick. I am 18 years old. I am a full time college student attending Vincennes University. My major is general studies, possibly soon to be early elementary education. I love kids, they make my world go round. I will be making recovery buddies and shipping them to their new friends. I am super excited to use my knitting for something useful and productive. Feel free to contact me at ( pence.allie (at)

Meet Belita!

Belita is a bit shy when you first meet her, but once you get her to start talking she is very outgoing. You may not be able to get her to stop talking once she gets to know you.

Belita's favorite way to spend an evening is with a good movie and some popcorn. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean(I think that she has a bit of a crush on Jack Sparow, but then, who doesn't?) she will watch it over an over if you let her.

Belita will (hopefully) soon be headed off to meet her new friend Heather. She is a bit nervous about traveling because she is a bit shy. I think she is secretly very excited about the trip.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Meet Esme (Ez-may)!

Esme loves a good book, her favorites is "Little Women".

Her Favorite drink is vanilla Boost. I keep telling her its a bit odd that she likes it.

Esme will soon be traveling to NY (as soon as i can afford postage...) to meet Her new friend Bailey. She was really excited when i told her about this because she loves to travel and meet new friends. She is also a bit surreptitious and sneaky, so Bailey, you better keep a close eye on her ;)

Emse will hopefully be sent off soon to NY!

With Love,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Geogie and Lindsay

this is my Li'l sis Lindsay and her Recovery Buddie Georgie.

Lindsay tells me that Georgie is doing well and likes meeting new
people at the hospital with her

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who am I? A bit about Bethany

Hi everyone, My name is Bethany. I'm 19, Student at IWU, and i love to knit.

I have had an eating disorder since i was young. I was diagnosed with anorexia spring of 2008.

I was IP at Pacific Shores Hospital in April of 2008. I remember when I was in treatment one of the things that just made my day was getting mail. I actually ordered things so that I would get mail.

Before I left for treatment, a few friends of mine gave me Flynn. She is a lovely pink ducky that i could take with me to PSH to cuddle with. She rode with me on my first plane ride. With me on the long drive to PSH from the airport. And she was with me after all the hard meals and moments. She meant the world to me.

When a close friend of mine got sick and had to be hospitalized, i knitted her a buddie to send to her like my friends did with Flynn. It made me feel great to see how he brightened her day.

For those of you that are going, or in treatment, or know someone that is. I would love to be able to do the same for you. I would love to knit you a lovely huggable pillow buddie to go with you on your journey toward recovery. Recovery can be lonely, but you don't have to do it alone.

If you would like to be involved or would like to receive a knitted recovery buddie please email me at the email listed below.

also if anyone would like to donate toward this project, click the button on the side. all funds go toward postage and supplies.



Hello everyone!

This blog is a bit of a work in progress. we are just getting this project started so please ignore the mess for right now :).