Friday, December 5, 2008

More about the christmas card swap

Some things I'd like to clear up about the Christmas Card Swap.

The first is that anyone can do the swap. You don't have to have a buddie, have asked for a buddie. Anyone can participate.

The second is that we hope to get partners sorted out assigned and emailed by the 18th. So working off of that date, all Christmas cards need to be postmarked by the 25th. If for whatever reason we don't get everyones information out by the 18th, then the date that they have to be post marked will change.

The third is that sending a package with your card is allowed, and totally optional. We've had some poeple say that they plan on sending packages with their cards, and that is cool. If you plan on sending a package contact your partner and ask about any allergies that might pertain to your package.

The fourth is that you can send any Christmas card, homemade, store bought...whatever.

And the fifth and final thing is that when emailing us the information make sure you use the form below and make the subject "Christmas Card Swap" or something to that effect. Also make sure that you email it to recoverybuddies(at)gmail(dot)com.

Email Address:
Mailing Address:

We understand that the holiday seasons kind of suck for a lot of poeple, and for people with depression and eating disorders....they probably totally suck. And our goal here is to simply try and make the stressful holiday season a little better.


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