Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Card Swap part 3.

Two things.

A) We absolutely cannot switch you partners right now. We are assigning partners as we get them. So if for whatever reason you are not happy with your partner, then suck it up, cause your stuck with them.

B) We are assigning partners now. So if you hear about poeple who have gotten their partners, but you haven't, we haven't forgotten about you. We have a method.

C) Once you email us with your info you commit to doing the swap. We cannot pull you out. So please don't just drop the swap from your agenda. We do not want to deal with poeple who don't follow through.



Allison said...

that's three things.

Miss Kolleen said...

wait-- i want to send a christmas card!!!!!!! how do i get in on this?

Bethany said...

Miss kolleen, email the following to with the subject line "christmas card swap"


Anonymous said...

Why has this site gone deaded? Used to be updated lots. I miss meeting buddies :( everything ok?