Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Aimee!

I'd like for you to meet Aimee!

Aimee is very brave and adventurous. She loves got try new things and go new places. She loves to travel.

Aimee loves chocolate. So if you have any Kelsey, you better keep an eye on it so she doesn't eat it all. She finished off mine the other day. She also loves oranges.

Aimee, like a said, is very brave. Sometimes to brave. She tries to do things without thinking that she might get hurt, so you might have to be her voice of reason.

Take care of her for me, she needs lots of love!



Melanie said...

THese are all amazing!!! I wish I was talent in that aspect. You're a blessing!

Lou Lou said...

I think this is the most amazing blog I have ever ever come across. you are an inspiration. And the recovery buddies are so cute and special. Recovery is not easy, but it is the best decision and committment, and you guys are a very unique support system.