Tuesday, November 10, 2009


That's right.

I'm baaacckkk!!!

Bethany is HOME!!!! :)

Aren't you excited? It's about time I'm home. I've been away 10 months. Did anyone miss me?

So I'm REALLY excited to get things up and going again. YAY! Sorry for the hiatus. But it was necessary. Things might be a little slower than I'd like still though, because as I'm sure you all know, Allison is in treatment. And Allie is a busy college student.

Allison is currently at Well of GRACE Ministries, I just graduated that program and let me tell you she is gonna do great. She and I got to spend some awesome time together there and it was really hard to leave her behind, but I know she is gonna do great. Keep her in your thoughts, and I'm SURE she'd love mail ;).

Allie is a busy college student again. She is still knitting when she can find time. But that is hard for her to do, I know.

But I'm HOME!! Hopefully I'll get things picking up again soon.

As of right now, as you may have noticed, the donation button is down. I'm working on getting a few things rearranged and I'll have it back soon hopefully. Part of why things have been so slow is lack of funds :(.

Also, I need knitters!! Anyone here knit? know anyone that does? Think you'd like to be a part of this? Email me! We would love for you to help.

I've got some fun things up my sleeves that I'll be posting soon I am sure. :). Keep watching the blog!

I think that is all I have for right now. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm BACK!! YAY!

Love you all,

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