Sunday, July 26, 2009

We are turning ONE!!

Can you believe it? This project is turning a year old on August 14th. I know I can hardly believe it!

I know for the rest of the team and I, this is a big moment. The past year has been filled with so many memories for us. As a team we have been thinking back over the last year, thinking of all the milestones that we crossed. Did you know that just in our first year we have send out over 100 buddies? How awesome is that! That is a lot of stitches, yarn, stuffing, sewing, and LOVE. If nothing else I hope this past year has given some of you some hope, love, and a few more steps down the road of recovery. Every stitch that we knit or crochet. Every Buddie that we stuff with love and sew up with hope, is for all of you reading this. We love you guys.

So we want YOU to help us celebrate!!

For those of you that have received buddies: We are looking for Artwork of you and your Buddie to feature on the blog the week of/or day August 14th. So photos, stories, poems, etc.

Some Ideas:

A photo of you and your Buddie.
A photo of you and your Buddie in your favorite place and/or doing a fun activity together.
Or just your Buddie in a fun place
Not OK with your photo being on the blog? What about a drawing of you and your Buddie doing something together?

Written Word:
A short story about you and your Buddie.
What do you like to do together?
Has your Buddie taught you anything new?
What is does your Buddie mean to you?

We want you guys to be as creative with this as you would like, and have fun with this. After all this project is for you guys and gals.

Deadline: August 12 by 12pm EST (US)

So what about those of you that are reading this saying "well that's great but I don't have my Buddie yet! And I still want to be a part of the celebration!"
What about telling us a story about what you and your Buddie will do?
Or we are always wanting to hear from people what this project means to them.

For everyone: We hope to still be sending out buddies come August 2010. If you can, consider making a Birthday Contribution to the project to keep us going for another year. We are, as always completely funded by your support.

Thanks everyone for an awesome year! Can't wait to start seeing your artwork!

Founder and President
Recovery Buddies Project

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Vicki said...

if my buddy arrives in time i'll take a photo of us together and email it over!! congrats on turning 1!!