Saturday, September 13, 2008


Meet Becky

She loves Summer and everything about it. She loves to swim, and play at park (she loves to go down the slide)

Becky has a bit of a green thumb and loves to work in the garden. Her favorite flowers are daisies.

Becky is a little afraid of being alone, so she will need lots of hugs. Give her lots of them for me Cassie :)


Pato said...

I LOVE her! She likes the same things as me too. How cool is that? I also love summer, working in my flower garden and my favorite flower? Yup, daisies! I am afraid when I am alone too. We will give each other LOTS of hugs. Your description of her threw me off for a minute because I felt like I was reading a description about myself. You did GOOD! I can't wait her and hold her. Thank you so much.


AJ said...

Pato - I'm so glad that you got a recovery buddy. This is such an awesome program and I really hope you and Becky have a blast together.