Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet the Staff!

 Bethany - President and Founder

Bethany is a full time student double majoring in Photography and Psychology, her dream is go on to grad school to become a certified art therapist. Bethany’s ideal way to spend a free evening is listening to a good audio book while working on a knitting project and drinking a Mountain Dew. She also loves art journaling, reading, and singing in the shower. Bethany is the Founder and President of The Recovery Buddie Project. She loves having a chance to impact people where they are, and show them a little of how loved they are

Debbie - Buddie Biographer

Debbie was born in the Netherlands, raised in South Africa, and now lives once again in the Netherlands. She's married to a tall, dark, handsome man, and works in childcare. She loves reading and writing, doing puzzles and sewing, but most of all she loves spending time cuddling and playing with her 6 gorgeous pet rats! She also runs her own business selling natural, additive-free rat food. Her rats love the fact that she sells food and treats - they really enjoy being used as test subjects! She signed up to be a Buddie Biographer because her Buddie, Ethan, means the world to her, and his biography made him so much more real at a time when Debbie really needed a friend to hug. She hopes to be able to give others the same wonderful experience, and to give them some hope along the road to recovery

Fernanda - Buddie Biographer

Fernanda is an Industrial Designer on the make and an avid tea drinker, currently living in Mexico City, a dream of hers is to own a toy shop sometime soon, and yep, write stories for them as well. She loves music, Sherlock Holmes and drawing. She writes for a music and arts blog. Fernanda signed up to be a biographer because she thinks that making people know how loved and cared for can make a difference in their lives and can help them carry on by the hand of a very soft and warm Recovery Buddie

 Megan - Buddie Biographer

Megan is 19 years old and lives in Canada. No she doesn't live in a igloo, as some people may believe. She want to be an educational assistant so she can help other kids get through the things she had to go through. Although she has never received a recovery buddy, her sister did and she has seen the remarkable changes that a buddy could give. She has made a buddy for herself to help her get though anxiety attacks and just to have someone who would listen. She is very excited to be part of the recovery and change is someones life, by writing the stories behind what is the recovery buddy

 Jordan - Buddie Biographer

Jordan is currently a graduate with her Masters Degree in Psychology. Her dream one day is to open up  her own office but in the mean time is working in the school system.  She love's reading, outdoors, and journaling. If it is bright and full of color you can bet she love's it. I wanted to be a Buddy  Biographer because my own buddy has helped me so much. I want to be able to give that gift to someone else